What is Title Insurance?

As any real estate professional would tell you, one of the most necessary things to do in the process of purchasing real estate is acquiring title insurance. Title insurance provides the buyer and any lenders who provide them with mortgages with assurance that the title to the property they are purchasing has no defects or potential claims by other parties. It is meant to protect you from anyone seeking to claim your property, and in the event it cannot it covers the entire financial loss. Almost all lenders require title insurance before granting a mortgage.

Title insurance is a uniquely American invention. It originally came into being in order to cover for the numerous deficiencies found in early land records of this country. It exists now due to the way our land records are kept. Rather than land registration systems found in much of the world, many U.S. land transactions are done privately and recorded in county offices. What title insurance does is make sure that none of these records are going to come back to haunt you.

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